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Welcome to ITCS VS, where seamless communication meets unparalleled collaboration. We’re excited to introduce you to a new era of business connectivity right here in your local community. Our cutting-edge UCaaS solutions are designed to transform the way you work, communicate, and thrive. 

Join us on this exciting journey toward a smarter, more efficient way of doing business. Discover the possibilities with ITCS VS. Welcome to a future where communication knows no limits.


Cloud Based PBX

ITCS VS's PBX network systems provide mobility to employees, flexibility when a business expands as they are much easier to manage than the traditional PBX and can also considerably reduce administration costs. You don’t have to worry about changing offices, moving to a home office, or being forced into proprietary contracts that limit their investment in the future.

Business SMS

Unlock the Power of Instant Connection with ITCS VS's SMS Magic! Business SMS can effectively enhance customer engagement, improve communication efficiency, and build stronger relationships with clients and customers. Experience the future of engagement. Text your way to success with ITCS VS's Business SMS!

Contact Center

Elevate Your Customer Experiences to New Heights with ITCS VS's Contact Center Excellence! Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, empowering your team to tailor solutions like never before. Connect with customers through their preferred channels – phone, chat, email – for a truly integrated experience.

Virtual Fax

Faxing Reimagined: Introducing ITCS VS's Virtual Fax Revolution! Say goodbye to clunky machines and hello to effortless digital faxing with our cutting-edge Business Virtual Fax service. Send and receive faxes securely from anywhere in the world – no more waiting by the fax machine.

Enhanced Features & Compliance

Elevate your business game. Embrace the future of communication with confidence, backed by the unmatched power of ITCS VS's UCaaS Enhanced Features & Compliance! With Local and Toll- free Numbers, E911, Spam Prevention, Custom Call Routing, 10DLC SMS, and Rapid Activation, Provisioning and Deployments.

Voice API

Step into a world where voice technology meets limitless possibilities – with ITCS VS game-changing UCaaS Voice API. Integration with UC, Teams, CRM, and common billing systems. Control call flow, media handling, and business logic. Transform your applications with the unrivaled power of ITCS VS's UCaaS Voice API!

Voice to Email Notifications

Your Voice, Amplified: Introducing ITCS VS's UCaaS Voice-to-Email Symphony! Experience a harmonious blend of communication and convenience with our groundbreaking UCaaS Voice-to-Email Notifications. Transform voice messages into easily accessible email notifications, ensuring you never miss a beat, and empower your workflow with efficient communication that adapts to your pace.


The requirement for separate voice and data networks is gone. Now businesses are expecting a more feature-rich communication solution; something that allows for more than just voice calls. ITCS VS ensures complete compatibility with your network so that your business can quickly migrate to our PBX system, which offers the huge advantage of converging data and voice networks.

Secured Services

Knowing that customer privacy and data security are growing concerns, ITCS VS Service is one of the few companies that are HIPAA Compliant systems on the market. Providing compliance and privacy communications solution to all of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service (sometimes referred to as digital phone service) is a phone service that operates by using your high-speed Internet connection. These services allow you to make phone calls using your regular phone, an app on mobile devices, or a softphone client on a computer (via a headset with a microphone). Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP uses your phone or computer to call the number via the Internet.

That depends on your current age and the type of phone you currently have. 

In almost all cases, Yes! It depends on what provider currently owns that number. 

Yes, as long as it is not in use or own by another. 

Yes, ITCS allows you to use your VoIP service wherever you travel as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and either a VoIP phone adapter or a mobile app. Calling works just as if you were dialing from your home or business through any of these mediums without incurring additional charges.

ITCS recommends 15MB per phone, and this will give our client room to perform daily operations without bogging down your internet resources. 

Yes, as long the phone does not hold a Static IP and your IT Department has the network setup.

ITCS recommends you check with your IT department before moving your phones.

ITCS has a minimum of a two-year contract. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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